Jeep (aka GP for Giant Peach) - puppy male

Age & Sex:  8 months - male            

Heath:  Healthy; current on shots;     Heartworm/Lyme negative

Status:  Microchipped & neutered

Terms:  $400 with NBRF Adoption Agreement

Location:  Portland, OR




Jeep is a sweetheart who likes to settle down by your feet and keep you company. Like his brother James, he is sweet, affectionate, and gentle with people. He LOVES toys — the squeakier the better — and he will fetch! Jeep takes treats softly from your hand and loves peanut butter treats. He is very good about giving toys and other things up to people.


Jeep is easily overwhelmed and can be reactive when feeling pressed. He does not like feeling confined when he is in stress. Keep in mind he was confined both at the shelter and before being rescued, and confinement was obviously frightening as well as highly uncomfortable for this large boy. He is making great strides in foster care and is feeling more confident making new dog friends and playing with them. He is learning to trust “his person” to get him out of any situation he is uncomfortable with.



Jeep is Captain Obvious. He is vocal, as are quite a few of his family members. And he knows how to communicate. For instance, when he is done in the yard, he will head for the back door to cue you in that he is ready to go inside.

He has been a good eater, but does not always finish every meal. Since he is still very young, he is being fed three times a day in his foster home. He does not like being approached by other dogs when he is eating. He is likely used to competing for food in his former life.   

Jeep has not had an accident in the house and is learning to go to the back door and ask to go out. He is also learning to be asked to “hurry go potty” and usually does right away. He Is generally good with grooming. His rescue bath was not his favorite event, but he enjoyed toweling and was fine being blown dry



Since being in foster, Jeep is getting very good on lead and loves to walk. He has learned to go up and down stairs and is fine with vacuum cleaners. He IS a counter surfer and will swipe anything her can reach from counters, etc.

Jeep rode well in the car BUT left alone will chew seatbelts – he’s a PUPPY! Jeep is slowly learning to be crated, but has a long way to go before he is at ease in a crate.


Jeep is a very likeable, young fellow who cooperates readily when he knows what is expected of him and when he is given time to learn how to do it.