SCOOBY - adult male

 Age & Sex: 3-year-old male

 Health:  Healthy.  Current on vaccinations.  Heartworm/Lyme negative.

 Status:  Microchipped & neutered

Terms:  $400 with NBRF Adoption Agreement

Location:  Rogue River, OR

More photos coming soon!


Scooby is a lovely dog — handsome and sweet. He has a very strong mind, he's smart, and he pays a great deal of attention to everyone and everything around him. He is also tall and very strong!

Because of his former situation, Scooby is emotionally immature and more like the 8-month-old puppies than a 3-year-old adult. He definitely needs and wants to run and play with another Borzoi close to his age.

He is comfortable and gentle with people. He wants affection from them and offers much affection back to them. He trusts people with his body, relaxes when groomed gently, and seems used to close contact. He's a leaner and would climb into your lap if he could!

Scooby has been very easy around the house. He is being fed separately because he is very thin, very hungry, and being fed on a separate schedule. He does not appear to have any food aggression. He is house trained and has had no accidents, though he is taken out frequently throughout the day.

Scooby is quickly learning to walk on lead and respond to some basic words (Wait, Off, Leave It, Gentle). So far he has only been on lead when outside because he is an experienced escaper. After being outside for a while, he begins scouting fence heights, vulnerable spots, gate gap, and so on.

Scooby has had a traumatic experience. He will not be placed in a home where he would be crated, transported in a van (SUVs are OK), street walked, or taken to a dog park or public event of any kind. He is fearful of other breed dogs regardless of their size and demeanor.  He will need strong and sound fencing.

Despite his past, Scooby has an enormous heart and a buoyant spirit he will show you every day. He is a wonderful dog overall.