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11 Borzoi were taken into Rescue on Dec. 4, 2018 — 4 adults; 7 puppies.  A senior adult from the 2017 Thurston County rescue effort was also recovered and immediately placed. These dogs have been in very stressful conditions.  We are looking for homes in the NW and California to minimize additional stress on these Borzoi, but will consider other western states.   The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation is handling this effort - Nancy Joeckel is the local coordinator.

If you wish to consider adoption, please contact Nancy at nancy@brnc.org.  For adoption, go to nbrf.org/application where you can read about the adoption terms and fill out an on-line application.  If you have any difficulty with the application, let Nancy or NBRF know and we'll respond quickly.  ALL APPLICATIONS — please put THURSTON COUNTY in the top line with your name!


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JAMES - Puppy Male  (adoption pending!)

James is a pretty confidant little monkey, he loves to climb and to jump in the pond! Battling bushes and jumping on his friends also rate very highly on his list of things to do. He is working on his listening skills, it is hard when you are in perpetual motion! He is getting very good on lead, and loves to go on walks. James is everyone's friend, human or animal. He is very good at crating, does not fight baths, and enjoys grooming as long as it doesn't take too long... he has things to do! James is very sweet and loving, a bit stubborn, and enjoys trying everything.  read more about James.....





JEEP - Puppy Male  (adoption pending!)

Jeep is a very loving boy who wants to be someone's "heart dog". He is a people dog, who wants to have dog friends but needs careful introductions to new things, dogs included. He will lay happily at your feet while you are working, and loves to lean on you during long walks so you know he is there. Jeep has separation issues, and will crate but is vocal about being left behind. He is a toy boy, adores squeaky things, and is very attentive to his person. He is good for grooming, and loves to be toweled. Jeep would probably do well in obedience. Jeep is a big boy, and does not like to be in small spaces. As his confidence grows, so does his acceptance. He is a heart in need of a home. read more about Jeep...












SCOOBY - Male 3 years

Scooby is a stunning dog with a beautiful heart. He is incredibly easy around the house and eager and happy to give and get love. But Scooby has been in very hard times for all three of his years. The right home for Scooby will have a confident, relaxed Borzoi near his own age that he can play with and learn from, an experienced Borzoi owner who understands how to show him the ropes and be gentle while firm, and a large, securely fenced yard where he can run, play, and rebuild his body. Scooby has learned to break out and run when his world is topsy-turvy - and he has become an expert!  But he does not want to go anywhere except to safety and love. read more about Scooby...

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As of January 1, 2018 we have folded our organization into the

National Borzoi Rescue Foundation.

Click on the link below to be taken directly to NBRF's web site:



You can reach NBRF by email at BorzoiRescue@regan.com 

toll-free by phone at 1-844NBRFZOI

or on Facebook @nationalborzoirescuefoundation