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11 Borzoi were taken into Rescue on Dec. 4, 2018 — 5 adults; 6 puppies.  The senior adult was immediately placed and is not pictured here.  These dogs have been in very stressful conditions.  We are looking for homes and/or foster homes in the NW and California to minimize additional stress on these Borzoi.   The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation is handling this effort - Nancy Joeckel is the local coordinator.

If you wish to consider adoption or can offer a foster home, please contact Nancy at nancy@brnc.org.  For adoption, go to nbrf.org/application where you can read about the adoption terms and fill out an on-line application.  If you have any difficulty with the application, let Nancy or NBRF know and we'll respond quickly.  ALL APPLICATIONS — please put THURSTON COUNTY in the top line with you name!


 PUPPIES - approximately 7 months (5/1/2018)



    Black & White Puppy Male - Zafar










    Cream Puppy Male

     Adoption Pending!









    Grey Puppy Female - Contessina (Tessa)







    Grey Puppy Male - Roland







    Peach Puppy #1 Male

     Foster Home Report:

I really like this puppy! He is very sweet when it comes to people, and he is cute as a button.  His coat is a beautiful colour and very puppy curly.  He is not sure about baths, but good for blow drying and brushing out. He is pretty good in the car, though he has a fondness for safety belts and likes to chew on strappy things. He crates well.

He walks ok on a leash, though he has no etiquette.  He is a great eater. I really like him, however I think he is a bit overwhelmed by the gang here.  He does not feel comfortable AT ALL around the other dogs and he is reactive around them, even his brother, even when they are ignoring him and he is safely inside a kennel. 

He is very sweet with people and loves toys!  I think he would be fine with a bit of time to himself to recoup, and then a slow intro to some easy going friends. The gang here is all youngsters, and though they are all friendly they are not easy going!










    Peach Puppy #2 Male

Foster Report:  James (so far) is very polite and just investigating. As you can see, my home is not puppy proof, so we always have to keep a sharp eye out when new guys show up. On the plus side, they learn pretty quickly what is theirs and what is not. Everyone wins. :)   He's having a great time playing with my boy, Game.  



















    Brienne - Female 2.5 years















   Cisco - Male 2.5 years

    Adoption Pending! 












    Domino - Male 2.5 years

     photos from 2017












    Scooby - Male 3 years














As of January 1, 2018 we have folded our organization into the

National Borzoi Rescue Foundation.

Click on the link below to be taken directly to NBRF's web site:



You can reach NBRF by email at BorzoiRescue@regan.com 

toll-free by phone at 1-844NBRFZOI

or on Facebook @nationalborzoirescuefoundation