Welcome to the Home of Borzoi Rescue - Northern California.

We provide rehabilitation, medical care, and permanent re-homing for any Borzoi in a rescue situation in Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, BR-NC is an independent, non-profit organization committed to assisting any Borzoi in need.


Support Sorelle's Ride For Royce!


I'll be Riding 375 Miles for Royce on Sunday.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and tex-deductible.  Choose from the options below or send whatever amount you like.

Thank you!  – Sorelle

$5 - Tell Sorelle you like one of her pictures
$37.50 - Support Sorelle with a Dime a Mile
$75 - Send a big Hats Off to Sorelle for all her efforts
$100 - Vote YES for Sorelle's wish to help Royce go home, too
$375 - Speed Sorelle on her was wotj a Dollar a Mile
$500 - TURBOCHARGE Sorelle's Ride For Royce!


Available Dogs   




Shanti — 3 Year Old Male

         Adoption Progam











                  Sam — 18 month-old male

                            Referral Program





A Note About Borzoi Rescue Organizations

The Borzoi community is fortunate to have a low rate of dogs needing rescue and excellent homes waiting to adopt them. Any web site or organization offering a large number of rescue Borzoi should be researched thoroughly if you are considering acquiring a dog from them. In addition, there are now quite a few 'pets for profit' organizations here in California and nation-wide. These organizations often incorporate the word 'rescue' into their company names and marketing materials, and their fees are typically very high compared to legitimate rescue groups.


We wish to help potential owners discern 'pets for profit' from true breed and all-breed rescue organizations. Click on our links for the Borzoi Rescue organizations outside our geographic area. Please feel free to contact us for background information on any other organization which may be offering Borzoi as rescues. 

The Dogs of BR-NC - videos

Here are two Quicktime movies of the BR-NC Rescue and Referral dogs of 2007 and 2008. They are large (3-4MB) so please download them via right-click and view offline. The 2009-2012 link takes you to YouTube to view the video.

The Dogs of 2007
The Dogs of 2008
The Dogs of 2009 to 2012