Adoption Information

BR-NC’s goal is to find each rescued Borzoi his or her ‘forever’ home. To make an adoption successful, we do our best to match each Borzoi with the most suitable home possible. That means you may need to wait until an appropriately matched dog becomes available for you. Once that happens, be prepared for one of the most rewarding experiences you may ever have.

Nearly all of the dogs we rescue are of adult age (one year or older) – we rarely have puppies. All rescued Borzoi are neutered or spayed before adoption, given all needed veterinary care, and evaluated for temperament. We require an adoption fee of $350 to reimburse rescue and medical expenses, but this fee is reduced or waived for senior dogs or those with serious medical conditions.

What Do I Do Next?

Once we receive your application, we will arrange a personal interview and a home check. We require adopters to have secure, fenced yards and to be fully committed to the on-going health and welfare of the dog. We also require that you sign an Adoption Agreement and keep BR-NC informed of any moves, illnesses, escapes, or the death of the rescued Borzoi entrusted to your care.

You, Your Family & Your New Rescue Borzoi